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Xavier Gens to direct The Fallout

The Hitman helmer to take on the post-apocalypse.

PHNWIQOSHfbdRVHitman director Xavier Gens has signed on to direct The Fallout, according to Screen Daily. ContentFilm International has picked up rights to the film, and producing duties rest with Ross Dinerstein, Darryn Welch and Tony Krantz. The project is based on a script written by Karl Mueller and Eron Sheean. Speaking about the production, Dinerstein said the following:

“Xavier’s vision for this film is extraordinary. He brings a visual edge to this fascinating exploration of the human condition.”

Set in New York – but filming in Europe – The Fallout is being touted as a stylish post-apocalyptic tale. To get a taste of what direction the film is going in, it’s been described by its producers as being: “a thriller that combines elements of Assault On Precinct 13 with Lord Of The Flies in a story of survival.”

At the moment the gloomy post-apocalyptic market is getting pretty crowded; everything from the recently released The Road to upcoming titles such as The Book Of Eli and a mooted Mad Max 4 signal that there are plenty of stories to be told within this sub-genre. Let’s hope that Gens and his team have a good balance of style and story to deliver something a little different. Fully aware of this point, Welch remains confident The Fallout can deliver big: “With a collective of end of the world movies hitting the theatres presently, this film will undoubtedly stand out like a ravenous Pit Bull in a school playground,” he says before warning: “Brace yourselves ’cause this film has a serious bite to it.”

The Fallout begins shooting in February 2010 and will be released on an undisclosed date.