X-Men Vs Fantastic Four film coming from 20th Century Fox

Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot and Bryan Singer’s X-Men will clash in a spin-off film

Ben Grimm and Wolverine scrap on the cover of Ultimate Fantastic Four/X-Men #2
Ben Grimm and Wolverine scrap on the cover of Ultimate Fantastic Four/X-Men #2

Sony Pictures may have stolen the headlines with their raft of Amazing Spider-Man spin-off movies including Venom and Sinister Six in development, but 20th Century Fox too are now making good on their corner of the Marvel universe.

According to investor insight website The Motley Fool, the company plans to bring their Josh Trank-helmed Fantastic Four reboot and their highly profitable X-Men franchise – next up is X-Men: Days Of Future Past in 2014, with X-Force, X-Men: Apocalypse and The Wolverine 2 also in development – together in one movie.

The site reports that, “Based on a 1987 four issue comic called Fantastic Four Vs X-Men, the movie will see the characters against each other because of secrets regarding the Fantastic Four’s origin.”

When it comes to branding and long-term strategy, investors and shareholders are often the first to know the facts, so this definitely holds more water than the usual fan-baiting rumours.

There’s definitely been a lot of talk about bringing the Fantastic Four and X-Men movies closer together – Fox superhero guru Mark Millar has admitted they take place in a shared universe and X-Men: Days Of Future Past screenwriter Simon Kinberg has come on board to tidy up the Fantastic Four script.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past is released on 18 July 2014. You can buy X-Men: The Ultimate Collection on Blu-ray for £26.24 at Amazon.co.uk.