X-Men TV series confirmed, if Fox and Marvel work it out

Fox are definitely working on getting an X-Men TV show going but there might be some obstacles

X-Men animated seriesEarly reports that Fox are looking to make a live-action TV series based on X-Men have been confirmed by Variety.

The site reports that Fox are definitely working on the show, although it is in very early stages. The problem lies with working out a deal with Marvel.

Fox own the film rights to X-Men but if they want to make a TV show based on the characters, they need to clear that with the House Of Ideas. Marvel isn’t short on TV shows at the moment, with Agents Of SHIELD and Agent Carter already on the air, and their bevy of Netflix shows in the pipeline, including Daredevil, AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist in varying stages of production.

With the film series nearly completely handed over from the old generation to the new (with a new Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm recently announced for Apocalypse) it would be interesting to see which era of the X-Men a TV show would tackle. Could it ever hope to improve on the animated series?

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