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X-Men: First Class’ Havok is back with All Superheroes Must Die

Lucas Till on indie thriller All Superheroes Must Die and X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Lucas Till as Cutthroat in All Superheroes Must Die
Lucas Till as Cutthroat in All Superheroes Must Die

His best known superhero turn might well be the energy-throwing Havok in Matthew Vaughan’s super-slick Sixties prequel X-Men: First Class, but while the Marvel mutants explored their origins, star Lucas Till turned superheroics into a gritty game of death with his indie thriller All Superheroes Must Die. The producer and star spoke exclusively to SciFiNow about frustrated sidekicks, filming on a micro-budget, auditioning for Beast, and X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Tell us about the sci-fi thriller All Superheroes Must Die (aka Vs), how the project came about and how you came onboard as a producer?

I think I was bored and frustrated with my career, and I had a little bit of money laying around, and I was like ‘hey Jay [director/star Jason Trost] I like what you do so why don’t you make me a movie!’ [laughs] and here’s some money and please help me out and let’s do something fun! And that’s really how it started.

The movie’s about these four characters that suddenly show up in this town. They don’t really know why they’re there except that this mad villain called Rickshaw, who’s played by James Remar, tells them that they’re superheroes and that they’re powers have been taken away and that they have to do what he says or they’ll end up being killed. A lot of the times what he says to do is to kill each other or kill innocent people.

And it was all shot on an incredibly low budget how did you keep it so low?

Jay was very good at adapting to what he’s got. Anyone else would complain that you’d need rules and laws and all these things and Jay was like ‘yeah I guess we can do it!’ And that’s the kind of guy we needed otherwise it would never of happened.

And can you tell me about your character Cutthroat?

Some people when they watch it may be frustrated about the subtlety but I really like it because we don’t give too much away but you can see it and it’s obvious to me…Cutthroat is super fast and he was the younger brother to Jason’s character [Charge]…kind of like a sidekick, a frustrated sidekick who went off on his own and he’s kind of relatable to Robin [against Batman] and there’s comic-book references and all the history gets pulled out as you progress through the movie.

And obviously you’ve had experience playing a superhero before with Alex Summers/Havok in X-Men: First Class… how did you feel when you first won that role?

It was funny we’d just started shooting Superheroes and we had to move all my scenes to the end of the shoot because I had to go and screen test for X-Men. And so they were both happening at the exact same time…

Caleb Landry Jones, Lucas Till and Michael Fassbender as Banshee, Havok and Magneto in X-Men: First Class
Caleb Landry Jones, Lucas Till and Michael Fassbender as Banshee, Havok and Magneto in X-Men: First Class

And you also auditioned for Hank McCoy/Beast?

Yeah I remember going in and auditioning for both.

But I heard you didn’t really want to be cast as Beast because of the long make-up process?

Yeah [laughs] and it was real funny because I was complaining about the make-up and then I ended up doing a movie last fall with three and a half hours of prosthetic make-up with the same people who did Beast in X-Men! I didn’t know how much that would’ve bothered me at the time and now I’m thinking I would’ve gladly taken Beast…I would’ve gladly taken anything even someone on that submarine that gets pulled out or something…or anything.

Was it a good shoot on X-Men?

I made lifelong friends on that shoot and had such a good time and it was awesome to be a part of something that you were familiar with growing up as a child and suddenly jumping into that world. It was fulfilling for me and I would die happy just being in the X-Men movies. With Superheroes we had a good time but it was more work and everyone was like making microwavable hot dogs from the make-up people to the director…

Can you tell us about any possible involvement you may have on X-Men: Days of Future Past or whether you’d like to be involved?

Oh yeah. Like I said before I’d die happy if I was just in them and if I was only in X-Men movies! But I’d love to be involved big time if they want me back. Big time!

Tell me about your work on Stoker.

Well I’m a big fan of Chan-wook Park’s movies, and just to be part of something you respect or admire and it was pretty awesome but I don’t like watching myself I get embarrassed.

And what about the thriller Paranoia and working with both the great Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman?

Yeah well they hadn’t worked together since Air Force One, and Liam Hemsworth plays my brother, and I know it’s going to be good… that much I can tell you.

Gary is such a nice guy and real easy to talk to and real welcoming and so is Harrison. I kind of had real limited experience with them but I could tell there’s a reason they are who they are but most of my scenes were with Liam who gets put in between these two telecommunication moguls [played by Ford and Oldman] and so my stuff is separate but integral I guess.

All Superheroes Must Die is making its way around the film festivals. Find out more at Facebook.com/AllSuperheroesMustDie.