World War Z movie in big trouble

Brad Pitt zombie war movie, based on the Max Brooks best-seller, has been hampered by problems from day one says new report

One of the upcoming genre films with the most potential, World War Z, is in serious trouble according to a new report. An insider source told The Hollywood Reporter that the film has been “a nightmare from top to bottom”, in what is deemed as a project without any proper creative direction – all this has now led to the point where Prometheus screenwriter Damon Lindelof is rewriting the script with the intention of fixing the third act. After this is complete, a massive five weeks of reshoots will commence in September with the goal of saving the film. Paramount’s Adam Goodman told THR that “the footage from this film looks fantastic, but we all agreed it can have a better ending.” Apparently, the first hour or so of the picture is looking pretty decent – it just falls apart later on.

Brad Pitt heads up the World War Z cast, with a solid ensemble of Matthew Fox (Lost), James Badge Dale (Iron Man 3), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Mireille Enos (The Killing) also starring. Marc Forster is directing. World War Z’s release date was recently moved back to June of 2013.