World War Z 2 is “in motion” says Brad Pitt

World War Z sequel has “so many ideas,” confirms star and producer Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane in World War Z
Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane in World War Z

Though Brad Pitt’s bloated adaptation of World War Z had a critical mauling, it performed incredibly well internationally – beating Pacific Rim in Japan, which conclusively proves there’s absolutely no justice in the world.

Speaking to Variety, the producer and star revealed that they’ve already started knocking around ideas for a sequel.

“We’re certainly talking about it, yes,” Pitt confirmed.

“We have so many ideas on the table from the time we spent developing this thing and figuring out how the zombie worlds work. We gotta get the script right first to determine if we go further. We have so many ideas and so much information–we think we have a lot of stuff to mine from.”

World War Z is available from 21 October 2013 (read our original review here). Pre-order it now on DVD for £13Blu-ray for £18  or 3D Blu-ray for £20 from