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Wonder Woman 2 release date moves forward

Wonder Woman 2 is coming out sooner than you think

Wonder Woman 2 is years away, but a bit of tactical planning that has recently occurred means we’re going to get to see it a little bit earlier than we previously thought.

The film was originally supposed to premiere on 13 December 2019, but that would have put it in competition with Star Wars: Episode 9. Instead, it’s going competition-free on the earlier date of 1 November 2019.

This news comes in spite of the other recent Wonder Woman news that Gal Gadot has allegedly refused to star as Diana Prince again unless producer Brett Ratner is fired from the film.

However, Gadot nor Warner Bros have confirmed this story, and several news sites believe it to be false, but there’s no denying the rumours could well have an impact on the studios decision to have a high-profile man accused of sexual misconduct against women involved with a film about female empowerment. The pressure is on, so we guess all we can do is wait and see how it plays out.

Wonder Woman 2 is in cinemas from 1 November 2019. Get all the latest superhero news with every issue of SciFiNow.