Wolf Creek TV series first teaser sharpens its knives

Meet Mick’s hunter in first teaser for the Wolf Creek TV show

The first teaser trailer has arrived for Greg McLean’s Wolf Creek TV series.

The six part miniseries stars John Jarratt as cheery outback murderer Mick Taylor, but the plot offers something different, as Arrow In The Head reports that it “is a psychological thriller set in the world that fans of the films will recognise – but this time things are different. At first the pattern is familiar: Mick Taylor targets an American tourist family to terrorise and destroy. But the tables are turned when 19-year-old Eve survives the massacre and starts to rebuild her shattered existence by embarking on a mission of revenge.”

Lucy Fry will play the vengeful Eve, and McLean will direct the first episode, while Underbelly‘s Tony Tise helms the other five.

“We certainly do delve into his back story and learn more about him,” McLean told the Sydney Morning Herald. “But even though we learn where he came from and how he came about, nothing can really explain the level of evil that his character entails.

“In my view, no matter what your experience is as a child, there’s an element of choice. Then the question becomes, can evil be shaped from an early age by circumstance, or is there something inherently evil in some personalities?

“So that’s part of the discussion of the show as well, where evil comes from. Is it external? Is it something within them? Are they made into evil by the circumstance? We do explore that a little bit.”

Wolf Creek will be available on Stan in Australia in 2016. No UK broadcaster has been announced. Keep up with the latest horror news with the new issue of SciFiNow.