Wolf Creek Season 2 confirmed for more Mick Taylor

Mick will be back for more horrors as Wolf Creek Season 2 is greenlit

The Wolf Creek TV series shouldn’t have worked as well as it did. We were all worried about the character of Mick Taylor becoming a Freddy Krueger-like figure, over-exposed and over-done, reduced to a bunch of one liners and gory set-pieces. Turns out, we didn’t need to worry. The first season of Wolf Creek was excellent, and the good news is that Australian network Stan has greenlit a second season.

The first season saw John Jarratt reprise his role as Mick Taylor, and gave the story a Western flavour as the killer was hunted in turn by Eve, the sole survivor of one of his bloody incidents, played by Lucy Fry. It was a slow-burn that placed the emphasis on Eve’s character and kept things tense, shocking and scary.

Writer-director Greg McLean teased the second season to Bloody Disgusting, saying “It will again be an intense and scary horror/thriller but this time out it’s an entirely new set of characters and storyline. At the center of it all will be the evil Mick Taylor – who takes his hobby of hunting and killing to shocking and chilling new levels as we delve deeper into his twisted psyche.”

We can’t wait.

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