Winchester Hammer Horror signs Predestination directors

The Spierig Brothers sign on to direct new Hammer horror Winchester

The Spierig Brothers' next film is sci-fi Predestination
The Spierig Brothers’ next film is sci-fi Predestination

The Spierig brothers will direct Hammer’s next horror movie, Winchester.

Deadline reports that the duo responsible for Daybreakers and Predestination have signed on to helm the horror about “an heir to that firearms family fortune who believes she has been cursed by the victims and the lethal legacy of the ‘gun that won the West.'”

The brothers will also rewrite the film which will be shot in the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose.

Deadline goes into more details about the story, which “revolves around heir Sarah Winchester, who in 1884 began 38 years of construction on the 24,000-square-foot, 160-room Gothic mansion. It was after the sudden deaths of her husband and child that Winchester began to believe she was cursed by the family legacy, and she was instructed to build the mansion by a spiritualist medium, to appease the spirits. She never stopped building.”

It will be the first film to shoot in the infamous house.

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