Will Lost leave us lost?

With only two weeks to go until season six airs, we predict how Lost might end.

downloadA Lost nears its end, and season six edges towards its 05 February UK broadcast date, I feel that it’s time we all have a good ponder over how this series is going to wrap up. If it actually does, that is.

Showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have done a sufficient job of giving us the run around during this season’s promotional phase, and we’re still clueless as to what to expect. However, despite the fact that Cuse, Lindelof and creator JJ Abrams enjoy toying with us in this way, bar a shaky season two (or three, depending on the type of Lost fan you are), they’ve still remained dedicated to the show and its characters. Heck, even after having our heads turned in circles over the course of season five, they’ve still managed to make us care about the characters and their individual fates.

Below I’ve sketched out some of the possible outcomes of season six.

It was all a dream

Of course we aren’t talking about a resolution akin to Dallas, and its infamous shower scene, but one possible outcome could be that Lost’s events were nothing but a dream. Be it the dreams of one person, or some kind of dream pool where the unconscious thoughts of Flight 815’s passengers have all crossed over. Either way, we are sure Abrams and his team would be able to make an ending in this style work.

God did it.

You may be immediately thinking of Battlestar Galactica when you read this, but in the case of Lost some kind of evangelical ending could actually work. John Locke is a Christ allegory if we’ve ever seen one, and with mystical characters such as the immortal (?) Richard Alpert becoming a main in season six, we could well see a conclusion of a religious nature. Whether it transcends our expectations is another matter altogether.

Smash cut

One of the most likely endings for Lost is that events go full circle. In season six’s closing episodes, I predict that the survivors somehow right the wrongs in the time continuum, and transport back to the flight that started it all. With this ending we’ll never really know if the plane crashes again, or that it will fly over the island unscathed. As well as giving us a degree of finality, this type of ending also leaves the window open for further Lost adventures. To up the intrigue I suggest a Sopranos-esque smash cut to leave fans chattering long into the next decade.