WHOAH! Solid news on the Free Enterprise sequel?

And check out this amazing (rumoured) cast.

Slashfilm is reporting that William Shatner said the sequel to 1998’s Free Enterprise will begin shooting next month. That in itself isn’t exactly breaking news, as TrekMovie ran with the story last week, but what is new is their reporter’s work in collating the bits of rumour casting and confirmed appearances that have been springing up, included below:

Isaiah-Mustafa_400Isaiah Mustafa

Charmingly referred to as The Old Spice Guy, Mustafa told G4’s Attack Of The Show last week that he would be appearing in the film. Previously, he appeared in Eli Stone and Castle among others.

eliza-dushku-dollhouseEliza Dushku

Pure speculation, considering that the actress mentioned the film on Twitter. ““Anybody seen the movie “Free Enterprise?” Loved.” I wouldn’t bet entirely against it myself, but it’s not massively likely.

Slashfilm also cites an anonymous source as stating that JJ Abrams, Patrick Stewart and Leonard Nimoy have been written into the script. Again, I wouldn’t bet heavily on them playing themselves (particularly considering that Nimoy has supposedly retired from acting), but if filmmaker Burnett can get William Shatner, he can probably get anyone. There’s no word on whether or not original leads Eric McCormack (better known as Will from Will And Grace) and Rafer Weigel (who now works as a broadcast journalist) will reprise their roles.

Either way, I’m unreasonably excited.