Who should direct Dune?

Naming the helmers that have the potential to breathe life back into Dune.

dune5gWith reports signalling that a mooted Dune remake is still moving forward (well, it has a new screenwriter), we thought it would be only right to get that rumour mill spinning with some suggestions for directors that could helm this feature.

David Lynch’s version of Dune split audiences, and with numerous cuts of this movie still knocking around you can’t help but feel that we are yet to truly experience Frank Herbert’s vision on screen. So can any of these chaps make a credible Dune feature? Was the original such a classic that a remake/reboot isn’t merited? Let your thoughts be heard after the jump.

Picture 1Darren Aronofsky

When he isn’t making films about junkies, washed up wrestlers and ballerinas, Darren Aronofsky has been known to turn his hand to science fiction. His one foray into the genre was the divisive The Fountain. Love or hate this mind-busting movie, there’s no denying that Aronofsky can set imaginations running wild with the right subject material.

Picture 2JJ Abrams

Now this is a total long shot, but wouldn’t Abrams and his team make an interesting Dune movie? With Abrams’ eye for drama and special effects, this could really work in a rebooted fashion. But would Abrams be able to stick to Herbert’s text, or will he feel the urge to take a few deviations? We’ll probably never know.

Picture 4Steven Spielberg

From E.T. all the way to Minority Report, the ’Berg has more than proved his worth in the sci-fi arena. Sure, War Of The Worlds sucked, and wasn’t a great adaptation of a classic novel, but with Dune we remain confident that Spielberg would craft a film that packs political punch, intergalactic action and, with all probability, some kind of father-orientated issue.

Picture 3McG

Yeah right.