Waterworld 2 TV movie coming from Syfy?

Syfy want to develop a Waterworld sequel as either a TV movie or series

Waterworld 2 Syfy

Waterworld 2 Syfy
Kevin Costner in 1995’s Waterworld

According to Forbes, Syfy have an interest in developing 1995 post-apocalyptic aquatic sci-fi flop Waterworld as a made-for-TV sequel or TV series.

Syfy President Dave Howe “sees it as an underexploited piece of intellectual property. That’s because every time it airs on Syfy, it attracts a surprisingly large viewership. (Around 400,000 viewers watched the last airing.)

“While a theatrical sequel of Waterworld was ‘never really on the cards,’ according to Howe, a series inspired by the film is something that has been ‘talked about endlessly’ and remains a possibility, he says.”

Waterworld is available on DVD from as little as £3 and Blu-ray from £8 from Amazon.co.uk