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Warcraft: Bluffer’s guide to who’s who

The cast of the Warcraft movie give us the lowdown on their characters

Non-videogame fans can be forgiven for being slightly confused about the Warcraft movie. Taking place on the world of Azeroth, a race of orcs abandon their dying land in search of a new one – which inevitably brings them into conflict with mankind. Here, the cast of Duncan Jones’ epic tell us a bit more about their characters…

Travis Fimmel (Lothar)anduin-lothar-in-warcraft-movie
“I play a warrior and commander of Azeroth’s military forces. The land has enjoyed peace for many years, so he suffers from the military man’s curse: the better I do my job, the less I’m asked to do it. Driven by love and loyalty to his king and country, sometimes at the expense of his family and personal relationships, Lothar fights for those who have pledged their lives to his kingdom.”

Paula Patton (Garona)garona_warcraft_movie-wide
“Garona is half-Orc, half-human, so she has one foot in each world but belongs in neither, so she’s the ultimate outsider. I think a lot of people can relate to that, because we want something that connects us to the rest of the world, and Garona is desperately in need of that. She’s proved she has a place among the Orcs, but is still not fully accepted by them.”

Ben Foster (Medivh)medivh_the_guardian_warcraft_movie-1680x1050
“The fellow I play is a mage, and his responsibility  is to protect the creature and people and citizens that populate Azeroth. The way he protects Azeroth is the use of magic. In a classic story of those who have been charged with tremendous responsibility, he’s removed himself from his friends to some degree, and is now being called back to help with the building conflict.”

Dominic Cooper (King Llane Wrynn)warcraft_king_llane_wrynn-wide
“King Llane is a good man who is good to his people. He’s not an aggressor, but he’s trying to do things as best he can, with as little damage as possible, which at this moment is quite a complex situation. He doesn’t know which way to turn, but it seems that this is the more reliable route to take, and the more trusting one, and it’s actually a big mistake!”

Toby Kebbell (Durotan)warcraft-movie-durotan-toby-kebbell1
“My character is chieftain of the Frost Wolf Clan. We’re both Orcs, who are deeply in love and expecting a child together.”

Anna Galvin (Draka)warcraft-thumb
“Our relationship is defined by mutual respect, adoration and attraction. I am his peer, and even though he is the chieftain, I can sway his point of view, and I convince him that I should accompany him to Azeroth in spite of my pregnancy.”

Ben Schnetzer (Khadgar)khadgar_the_seeker_warcraft_movie-wide
“My character was a novitiate in the Kirin Tor, an order of wizards, but he turned his back on that way of life, the only person in their history to renounce his vows and walk away from it. He now pursues magic and wizardry on his own terms, so he’s turned his back on political life, and almost by accident gets swept up in the events of this film and ends up going on this ride.”

Robert Kazinsky (Orgrim)

“I play Orgrim Doomhammer, second in command of the Frost Wolves, Durotan’s right-hand man. They’ve been best friends since childhood, and the Frost Wolves are the moral compass to the Orcs. Orgrim struggles over his loyalty to friend and family versus loyalty to clan and race, and ends up making some very difficult decisions that affect what happens to the future of the game and the film universe.”

Daniel Wu (Gul’dan)

“Gul’dan is Orc a magician, who’s dealing with this magic called the ‘Fell Magic.’ It’s a corrupting magic, but he believes it’s what the Orcs need to ensure the survival of the species. There are Orcs suspicious of the Fell, as well as humans that want to use the Fell to corrupt the human population, so it’s not a simplistic, black-and-white world.”

Warcraft will be released in cinemas on 30 May 2016. For more news about the biggest movies, pick up the latest issue of SciFiNow.