Iron Man 3 to spin-off into War Machine solo film?

Iron Man 3’s Drew Pearce on given Don Cheadle’s a Rhodey spin-off in Marvel Phase 3

Don Cheadle's Iron Patriot armour in Iron Man 3
Don Cheadle’s Iron Patriot armour in Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 sees Don Cheadle’s James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes play a much bigger role, according to screenwriter Drew Pearce, which could bode well for any potential spin-off based around either his star-spangled Iron Patriot or his Iron Man 2 incarnation of War Machine, depending on which role he ends the movie with.

“We try to give Rhodey a true arc and a good amount to do, because he’s possibly not been as well serviced in the past because of where the story’s ended up,” he tells SciFiNow exclusively. “So he’s got a lot to do in this one.”

In the comics, the character actually replaced Tony Stark as the title character of his own books in 1983, first as Iron Man and later as War Machine. Could this happen in Marvel’s Phase 3, or even in Avengers Assemble 2 in the unlikely event that Robert Downey Jr’s contract isn’t renewed?

“I would love to see a War Machine movie,” says Pearce. “He’s an amazing character and Cheadle is a great actor, so he could definitely support one. It’s just whether that ends up as one of the limited number of Marvel movies that happen in each phase.

“Every movie has to battle the rest for the validity of its place in the Marvel universe, and who knows if War Machine ends up making the cut, but I would love to see him as much as possible.”

Iron Man 3 is released 26 April 2013. Read an exclusive interview with Robert Downey Jr and screenwriter Drew Pearce in this month’s SciFiNow.