Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 ‘Something They Need review

Treading water until the finale is the name of the game this week

After a solid instalment last week, The Walking Dead has reverted back to its frustrating self.

Remember Rosita’s heart-stopping final scene? It isn’t returned to. Instead, we have Rick and co making a surprisingly hitch-free raid on the camp that we saw Tara escape from earlier on in the season, nicking their guns and going on their merry way, while simultaneously Negan and Eugene take it in turns to have strange conversations with the captive Sasha.

It’s the Sasha episodes that we have the most problems with. Considering her wreckless outlook of previous weeks, the Sasha we know would have attempted to tear Negan a new one the minute he showed his smarmy face in her cell. But she doesn’t. She just…. Waits.

She’s not fooling us, and we’re sure she’s not fooling Negan either. So what’s her game? And what’s Negan’s game? We know what Rick and co are after, but we have a sneaking suspicion that the bulk of the action is being saved for Season 8.

We know how it goes in the comics, but for some reason we have the feeling that things aren’t going to head in quite the same direction. Call it intuition, but surely a surprise is on the cards.

The pieces of the puzzle are slowly being put together, at any rate. After one (self-inflicted) humiliation too far, Gregory seems to have finally made up his mind. If he makes it through next week’s finale we’ll be not-so pleasantly surprised.

Will ‘Something They Need’ go down as a particularly memorable episode of The Walking Dead? We don’t think so. The fact that Negan is the only character to do something that makes us want to cheer says something: it’s in need of a major shake-up, and we don’t just mean by cheaply killing off two leads.

So yeah, it’s another episode of starters. Hopefully next week’s main course is substantially more filling.