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Walking Dead Season 7 confirmed, to no one’s surprise

AMC renews The Walking Dead for Season 7

In a piece of news that will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone, considering how massively successful it has become, AMC has renewed The Walking Dead for Season 7, meaning that it will run at the very least into 2017.

Being the TV drama with the highest ratings figures on TV, as well as having spawned LA-set spinoff Fear The Walking Dead, the world of The Walking Dead looks like it’ll continue to expand, as talk show Talking Dead has also been renewed. Nothing highlights success as much as being able to warrant an entire chat show based on one TV universe (except for high ratings, obviously).

Moreover, it gives the show time to flesh out some of the storylines in the comic-book we haven’t seen yet. We’re looking at you Negan…

The Walking Dead: Season 6 is currently airing on FOX. For more news on the biggest TV shows, pick up the latest issue of SciFiNow.