Viggo Mortensen and Neil Marshall team up for new Dracula movie?

Lord Of The Rings’ Viggo Mortensen and Dog Soldiers’ Neil Marshall expand on Bram Stoker’s Dracula in The Last Voyage Of The Demeter, but are they the right choice for the job?

Viggo Mortensen Neil Marshall Dracula

Viggo Mortensen Neil Marshall Dracula
Count Orlock stalks the Demeter's analogue in 1922's impressionist masterpiece Nosferatu

According to Bloody Disgusting, The Descent, Dog Soldiers and Game Of Thrones director Neil Marshall has approached Lord Of The Rings star Viggo Mortensen to play a character called Henry Clemens in The Last Voyage Of The Demeter.

Inspired by the untold story of the Russian ship in Bram Stoker’s 1897 gothic horror classic Dracula, found abandoned after transporting the titular Count to England, 30 Days Of Night director David Slade was originally attached, along with Prometheus‘ Noomi Rappace and Sir Ben Kingsley, but lingered too long in development hell, has left everything very much in the air.

Compared to Alien in that its about the crew of a ship being picked off one by one by an unknown foe (spoiler alert: Count Dracula), perhaps Viggo will be the ship’s captain, who in the original story tied himself to the ship’s wheel and documented the strange happenings on board…