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V/H/S spin-off Siren casts Amateur Night star

The wide-eyed awesome star of V/H/S’s Amateur Night short will lead the spin-off Siren

Hannah Fierman in V/H/S
Hannah Fierman in V/H/S

David Bruckner’s ‘Amateur Night’ was one of the strongest segments of the first V/H/S film, starring Hannah Fierman as a quiet, wide-eyed girl with a secret who tears some pervy douchebags to pieces.

A feature length film based on it is currently filming, called Siren. Ain’t It Cool has confirmed the very good news that Fierman will be reprising her role as Lily, who has the disconcerting habit of whispering “I like you,” among some other things.

Bruckner won’t be returning to direct as he’s currently wrapped up with the new Friday The 13th movie. Instead, Gregg Bishop has stepped behind the camera. He impressed with his excellent magician segment in V/H/S Viral, and he also made Dance Of The Dead and The Other Side.

We’ll be interested to see if the short’s concept can stretch into an entire film. Lily was a strong creation, but is a short movie the best place for her? We’ll find out when Siren arrives at some point in 2016.

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