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Venom movie will cross lines that Marvel won’t

Amazing Spider-Man 3 spin-off Venom will be darker than any Marvel movie

Venom on the cover of Marvel Adventures SPider-Man issue 35
Venom on the cover of Marvel Adventures Spider-Man issue 35

Speaking to MTV, screenwriter Alex Kurtzman broke the silence on the venom movie that he’s developing for Sony, set to spin-off out of The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and into cinemas sometime before the fourquel (is that a word?).

“Well, Venom is sort of the flip side in that there are certain lines that Spider-Man won’t cross because he’s Peter Parker and Peter Parker will only do certain things, and Venom is an entirely different character,” says Kurtzman.

“Venom, in a weird way, is the representation of every line that will get crossed. He’s a much darker character. I wouldn’t even really say more complicated because I think they’re both very complicated characters, but I think the attraction for me to Venom is the idea that you can do things that you can’t do with Spider-Man.”

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