Van Helsing TV series gets Prometheus and The Thing writers

The TV series remake of Van Helsing has got an impressive team behind it

Last week, we received word that a TV series-length, gender-swapped take on Van Helsing was in the works. Although we haven’t heard anything concrete regarding the plot yet (though we’re pretty confident in saying that killing monsters will play a role of sorts), we can now have an educated guess as to what kind of tone there will be, thanks to its choice of writers and producers.

According to Variety, Jon Spaihts (Prometheus, Doctor Strange) and Eric Heisserer (The Thing, A Nightmare On Elm Street) will write the series, while Alex Kurtzman (Transformers, Star Trek) and Chris Morgan (Fast & Furious 6, Wanted) are attached as producers.

From these credits alone there’s no shortage of big-budget filmmaking experience, which should suit the kind of epic tone they’re probably going for.

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