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Vader’s NOOOOOOOOO! is real

Lucasfilm confirm the changes made to Return Of The Jedi

A representative from Lucasfilm confirmed to the New York Times the insertion of Vader’s “Noooooooooo!” from Revenge Of The Sith into the climatic final battle in Return Of The Jedi where Vader hoists the Emperor up over the balcony and down in the bowels of the Death Star to save his son, previously wordless, the scene has been altered for the Blu-ray release of Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

A quick sample of SciFiNow readers cried out and weren’t suddenly silenced:

“I was prepared to put up with the changes to get the original trilogy on Blu-ray. Until yesterday.” @ghostfinder

“George Lucas continues to pepper spray my childhood right in the eyes until there’s nothing but a bloody pulpy mess. Horrible.” @TheBozDog

“I wish someone had said nooooooooo to Lucas. Silly idea. We’re aware of subtext, despite his low opinion of his audience.” @crooneyme

“Not surprised. Waiting for the Death Star to destroy Yavin to avoid the ‘Luke shooting first’ controversy.” @Cavalier1979