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V For Vendetta director takes on The Raven

Movie based on Edgar Allen Poe’s final days nears production.

phcwbihdzq3ugjA movie based on the last days of author Edgar Allan Poe’s life is currently in the works, according to /Film. Directed by V For Vendetta helmer James McTeigue, the project, titled The Raven, is a cross between a biopic and an investigatory thriller. Speaking to /Film, McTeigue had this to say:

“It’s like the poem, The Raven, itself, crossed with Se7en. It should be pretty cool. The script is really good and everyone responds to it really well. I’m in the middle of casting.”

With his Ninja Assassin poised for release, and X-Men Origins: Magneto tentatively placed next on his work sheet, the good money is on The Raven to be the director’s next feature.