Merlin Series 5: Uther’s return first picture

Exclusive first look at undead Uther in Merlin Series 5… and he’s back on the throne!

SciFiNow has teamed up with the BBC to bring you the first, most exciting pic of Uther Pendragon ahead of his return in Merlin series 5 episode 3, The Death Song Of Uther Pendragon.

The episode airs 20 October 2012 on BBC One and by the looks of Uther (Anthony Head)’s drained face and evil stare, it might not be a happy reunion…

Courtesy of BBC One

Merlin co-creator Johnny Capps revealed that he returns “at a point in Arthur’s life where he is absolutely missing his father, and at a moment where he is having a bit of a wobble as king and needs some advice.”

The sorcery-abolishing King will share some “key emotional scenes”, Capps added, “and he has this amazing scene with Merlin. They have a good conversation, a conversation that they should have had a long time ago about Arthur.”

Actor Colin Morgan who plays the titular character confirmed: “There is a lot of pent-up things with Merlin regarding Uther and there is a confrontation.” A showdown between the wizard of legend and the undead (former) King of Camelot?! We can’t wait until next Saturday….

Merlin episode 3 airs 20 October 2012 on BBC One. Merlin Series 5: Volume 1 is out on DVD from 26 November 2012 – pre-order it now for £13.99 from