Underworld 5 latest: Kate Beckinsale isn’t out yet

Len Wiseman reveals Underworld plans that go beyond Next Generation

Kate Beckinsale in Underworld: Awakening
Kate Beckinsale in Underworld: Awakening

Just when we thought we had concrete news on what exactly was going on with Underworld 5, Len Wiseman has revealed that there’s a lot more that we don’t know.

Speaking to IGN at NYCC, Wiseman said that, in addition to the previously announced Underworld: Next Generation, that will be focusing on Selene and Michael’s daughter as well as Theo James’ vampire, there’s another film in the works…and a TV series.

“There’s a few things being developed right now. There are some characters who we really liked that will be in a kind of a spin-off like we did with Rise of the Lycans, then we have another film in the works with Kate [Beckinsale] as well…and then there’s a television series. So we’re expanding that universe in many ways.”

When asked which we’ll see first, Wiseman grinned “You tell me. I don’t know. Everything’s in development. They’re all in development. There’s a lot of releases out there that aren’t actually true; it would take too long to wrap up.”

So, this is good news for fans of Beckinsale’s Selene at least, although presumably the TV series wouldn’t feature her…but who knows? It looks like Next Generation will hit first, as shooting is reported to be gearing up for early 2015.

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