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Uncanny X-Men ends in October

Marvel join in on the cancellation madness

DC isn’t the only major publisher shaking things up, while Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men may not have the same lengthy pedigree as Action Comics and Detective Comics which are being rebooted from issue 1 in August, the title is the only one in Marvel’s catalogue to have an unbroken publishing history that stretches back to the Silver Age.

Starting out as The X-Men in September 1963, Uncanny X-Men will end in October 2011 with issue 544 as a consequences of the current Schism story arc which is pitting two factions within the team against each other.

Speaking a few months ago to CBR, Marvel SVP of Publishing Tom Brevoort explained, “In terms of the real progenitor titles, yes. ‘Uncanny’ is the only book with an unbroken run…I would not assume that it’s safe. Maybe that makes it a little less likely because it’s the one title we’ve got that maintains continuity all the way back to the ’60s. But again, in terms of publishing today in 2011, 2012, 2013 — the need of right now is probably going to outweigh the need of ‘it’s nice that we have this thing that goes back to the Sixties.’ If there’s a benefit to there being [a new] Uncanny X-Men #1 because we’re building something in a substantial way and we want to give people that entry point, maybe we’d hesitate a fraction of a second longer, but I think it’d be only a fraction.”