Uncanny Comics issue 2 arrives with a Flash

Download Uncanny Comics issue 2 right now for The Flash, Green Arrow, Jack Kirby and more


Uncanny Comics issue 1 shattered the status quo with all the brute strength of Superboy Prime punching the walls of reality, but issue 2 is an altogether more fleet-footed beast, as we talk to DC Comics superstar writer and chief creative officer Geoff Johns about the Flash and untangle the DC event that rebooted the whole damn universe with Flashpoint.

Also inside Uncanny Comics issue 2 is a tribute to the late, great father of Marvel’s Sixties revolution, artist and visionary Jack Kirby; an interview with Green Arrow and John Sable Freelance creator Mike Grell; a beginner’s guide to the Fantastic Four’s unpredictable ally, occasional enemy and warrior-king of the eerie Inhumans, Black Bolt, and a guide to the best old and new digital comics that you absolutely must read right now!

Need more convincing? Just check out this selection of kind words:

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Uncanny Comics issue 2 is available now on Apple Newsstand for only 69p or 99c, download yours now!