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UFO beams in a director

The big screen adaptation of Gerry Anderson’s UFO gains a director and charts a course towards production.

freemanstrakerPre-production for the movie adaptation of Gerry Anderson’s UFO is well underway as visual effects guru, Matthew Gratzner, is appointed as director on the project.

Gratzner has previously lent his hand to films such as War Of The Worlds, Superman Returns, The Fountain, Hancock and Iron Man, and this marks his first time helming a film. Speaking to Variety about UFO, Gratzner showed a genuine affection towards the source material he is working with:

“The story, characters and situations Mr Anderson created in UFO are timeless and engaging,” he said. “My vision is to utilise visual effects as a supportive storytelling device that draws audiences into this universe.”

Ryan Gaudet and Joseph Kanarek have already written the script for UFO, and pre-visualisation work is reportedly underway at Gratzner’s own studio. Keeping in line with Anderson’s original series, the plot for this film will centre on the SHADO organisation as it tackles an alien threat.

At this time UFO has no definite release date. To find out more about this adaptation read a snippet from our exclusive interview with Gerry Anderson.