Twin Peaks Season 3 air date confirmed, David Lynch stays cryptic

Diane, I’m looking at the confirmed air date for the new season of Twin Peaks

Well, we had a vague idea of when the long awaited Twin Peaks revival would be coming to our screens but now we finally have an exact date.

EW (reporting from the TCAs) states that Twin Peaks Season 3 will begin on Showtime on Sunday 21 May with a two hour premiere. Let that percolate for a minute…

The site also notes that there will be 18 episodes of what Showtime president David Nevins describes as “the pure heroin version of David Lynch.” Which sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? He also noted that this will be an open and shut case, so to speak, with no plans for another season after this. “It’s designed to be a close-ended, one-time event.”

David Lynch made an appearance at the TCAs (we wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d missed them, or recorded some kind of cryptic video message) and dropped one or two teases about what viewers can expect from this new set of episodes.

Something that we had kind of expected but we’re pleased to have confirmed (via Deadline) is that the events of the grossly underrated film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me will not be ignored. “It’s very important,” Lynch confirmed, which is as it should be. Audiences may have been put off by the relentlessly dark tone of the 1992 film (and some of the cast weren’t happy with it) but it’s absolutely superb and a moving look at the last days of Laura Palmer (and that Annie Blackburn scene still gives us chills…).

As for the rest of the teases, well, they were as vague as you’d expect from a show that’s wrapped in secrecy like Laura Palmer was wrapped in plastic. When asked about who Laura Dern would be playing, Lynch replied “I like Laura Dern.” So do we, so do we.

In fact, things are so secret that Nevins confirmed that we probably won’t be getting a trailer, at least the kind of trailer that other “normal” shows do. “I don’t know whether we’re going to have a traditional trailer. You might start seeing some filmed pieces coming out but there definitely won’t be trailers that give away all the big plot points as is traditional in the movie business.” Sounds good to us.

And so the dance of “Being very excited about Twin Peaks coming back while desperately trying not to have anything spoiled for us” continues…But for now, we’re just so excited that gum we like is back in style.

Twin Peaks will air on Sky Atlantic in the UK. Keep up with the latest genre news with the new issue of SciFiNow.