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Tuesday tweets

SciFiNow brings you the best tweets from the past week.

twitter_256x256SciFiNow is here once again with a list of Tuesday tweets for your amusement. Enjoy!

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Enjoying the bank holiday weekend at home as I will be working next weekend promoting the new series of Merlin here in the UK

The Buffy legend starts Merlin’s promo campaign early.



In the company of a legend, Mr Dave Prowse MBE. I can feel the Force…or is he just pleased to see me! http://twitpic.com/fu6s4

The pint-sized star tweets out a cheeky joke. Star Wars fans must be lapping up his Twitter feed.



Let’s be clear, I am just working on something for all of you. Never said it was a trailer-but it could be.”

Could we be seeing an A Nightmare On Elm Street trailer soon?



Remember when radar detectors were all the rage? have they stopped making them? havnt seen one in quite a while..”

Hmm good question, that sounds like something only Veronica Mars could get to the bottom of. Oh, wait a minute…