Tuesday tweets

Get up to speed with this batch of tweets from the sci-fi community.

SciFiNow is chuffed to be bring you yet another batch of Tuesday tweets. Enjoy.

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“One last SP rave: the filmmaking is so insanely good, I retired halfway through the movie. (looking forward to the pension checks, tho)”

Director Greg Mottola is the biggest fan of Edgar Wright’s adaptation of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World – and it’s not even out yet.


“Dear Sore Throat, F**k you. Nathan”

Short and to the point, we admire that.


“For those who have asked- yes the plan is to continue with the powers hardcover program. Thanks for picking up powers!!”

Comic book legend Brian Michael Bendis discloses some information on his ace series Powers.


“Late night weekend editing on Iron Man 2.

It’s time to start getting excited people, as Iron Man 2 most certainly is drawing ever closer to its 30 April 2010 release date. Edit quicker Favreau!