Tuesday tweets

A collection of the week’s best tweets.

SciFiNow has yet another collection of amusing and informative tweets for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

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“Bonjour to all the ‘HP’ fans I met in Paris today. It was magic! Thanks for being so nice. Bon nuit!

Warwick Davis gives a major shout out to his European Harry Potter fans.



“Oh, I violated the first rule of the writers’ room — I didn’t have a pitch of my own. How about: “Write in this box, please.”

Writer/producer Jane Espensen displays her no-nonsense attitude towards writing room politics.



“Giving my love and props to all Browncoats at the LA Creation event this wknd. You guys are such an awesome group of people. Xxoo”

Jewel Staite keeps the Firefly love alive with this rather lovely tweet.



“If she does surrender, we’ll immediately begin work on a violent transition from parlimentary democracy/monarchy to capricious dictatorship.”

Actor Mischa Collins has some very, very deep thoughts on politics, or is he describing a new rise to power for his Supernatural character Castiel? We’re confused.