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Tuesday tweets

SciFiNow brings you the best tweets from the past week.

twitter-logoYour batch of Tuesday tweets are here once again for your general amusement. Soak them up and enjoy.

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“I also showed Wes Anderson about ten minutes of Scott Pilgrim. It was indeed exciting and hugely nerve wracking. Has been a good night.”

But when are we going to see some of Scott Pilgram Wright?.



“Great news from fox today guys! They R going 2 air all 13. But keep up the dvr & tell all your friends to tune in Fri Oct 23 onwards

Dichen Lachman tries to conjure up interest in Dollhouse.  Good luck with that one.



we are currently filming a scene that is making me sick to my stomach, there is no blood, violence! its just two people talking! SO INTENSE!

Director Darren Bousman talks up his upcoming horror movie Mother’s Day.



“I’ve just got off the motorway from the Dwarf con and I’m like a Cat with a Red Bull drip!! Awoooga!!!!!!”

Danny John-Jules sends out some manic tweets to his fans.