Tuesday tweets

SciFiNow brings you the best tweets from the past week.

twitter_256x256SciFiNow is here once again with a list of Tuesday tweets. Some of them are awesome, others not so much. Either way, enjoy!

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District 9 ROCKED!! True Sci-Fi down to the last detail. Wow!! Can’t wait for District 10. Body Parts are cool!!

The Heroes star likes his sci-fi to be smart and full of, er, body parts.



Dont believe the rumor. We are NOT shooting F13 right now, and the only person i want to work with as JASON is Derek Mears.

Brad Fuller sets the record straight on the Friday The 13th sequel. Calm yourself sir.



Do not let an actor carry a wooden stake in his pants pocket. It does not look like a wooden stake.

Good advice… we think.



Thrilled w/ the sci-fi script. Y is a geek and it’s her idea. Big movie, tho, so it’ll take time to get off the ground. Thnx 4 asking.

It’s cryptically written but we think Lou D might starring a film of sci-fi orientation.



“In this same parallel universe, SPACED is still running after 10 series. It jumped the shark during S4 when Colin started to talk.”

Edgar Wright discloses the direction Spaced would have taken if it had stayed on screens. Talking dog or not, we’d still watch it!