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Tucker and Dale Vs Evil 2 is happening

Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine announce that Tucker & Dale Vs Evil sequel is in the works

tucker_&_dale_vs_evilAlan Tudyk and Tyler Labine have announced that they are making a sequel to their cult horror comedy Tucker & Dale Vs Evil.

Speaking at the Horrorhound convention in Ohio, the duo were talking about how happy they were with the first film when Tudyk announced “…And we’re making another one!”

There’s video of the announcement here (from FEARnet), and although nothing has been officially confirmed, both actors seem very confident.

Tucker & Dale Vs Evil was one of those rare excellent horror comedies, subverting the stereotype of the backwoods psychopath hillbillies with tremendous chemistry between Tudyk and Labine, so fingers crossed that this gets going soon.

You can buy Tucker & Dale Vs Evil on Blu-ray for £6.65 at Amazon.co.uk.