True Blood’s temporary tenants

Rounding up the recurring roles in the show’s third outing.

With the casting of Brit Morgan as Debbie Pelt in the third season of HBO’s massively popular True Blood, the guest casting for the series is complete for now. With that in mind, here’s a rundown of who will be appearing in a temporary capacity later this year.

Brit MorganBrit Morgan

Morgan was announced as being cast today in the role of Debbie Pelt, the werewolf Alcide’s psychotic ex-girlfriend who has become addicted to V. Alan Ball has described her as someone that shouldn’t be messed with, and said that she will not like Sookie one bit.

Denis OhareDenis O’Hare

O’Hare will be taking on the role of the Vampire King Of Mississippi in the third season. Previously, he’s appeared in Law & Order, 21 Grams, Changeling, Michael Clayton and Milk among others, but is mainly known for his work in theatre, for which he has won several Tony awards.

SHARKKevin Alejandro

The Southland regular, who will still appear in that series while guesting on True Blood, will take on the role of Jesus, an orderly assigned to Lafayette’s mother who ends up getting romantically involved with the prostitute-cum-drug dealer-cum short order cook. That’s professionalism for you.

Theo AlexanderTheo Alexander

Alexander was announced a while back as being cast in the role of Talbot for the third series, the boyfriend of the Vampire King Of Mississippi, played by Denis O’Hare. The actor himself has previously appeared in Chuck, CSI: NY and Pushing Daisies in guest roles.

51292716Alfre Woodard

Woodard’s casting news came just before Christmas, announcing that she would be taking on the role of Lafayette’s mother, and incidentally, Tara’s aunt. Woodard is a highly respected actress, having won many Emmy awards for her work, and is also co-starring in Delta Blues opposite Jason Lee.

Grant BowlerGrant Bowler

Bowler has remained tight-lipped on who he’ll play in the third season, but his casting broke at the end of November. The Australian actor was previously attached to Ugly Betty, but with that show’s recent cancellation, he is obviously free to move on to True Blood.

Cooper HuckabeeCooper Huckabee

Huckabee will take on the role of Joe Lee Mickens, the husband of J Smith-Cameron’s character Melinda. Huckabee is something of a television veteran, having appeared in shows such as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles through to Baywatch and Dallas.

Lindsay PulsipherLindsay Pulsipher

Pulsipher was cast in True Blood’s third season as Crystal Norris, who she describes as a mysterious woman that Sookie’s brother sees, and eventually forms a deep connection with. Pulsipher has had roles before on shows such as The Beast, House MD and Eleventh Hour.

J. Smith-CameronJ Smith-Cameron

Smith-Cameron was tapped in December of last year to take on the role of Sam’s mother, although anyone expecting family similarity should think again, as apparently her character is permanently hungover and lives in a shack. Smith-Cameron has been seen in Law & Order, Six Degrees and K Street.

Michael EmersonMichael Emerson

We’ve heard that the producers of True Blood are so taken with Michael “Ben” Emerson’s work on Lost that they “really want him” in the show, and that they will write him in for a part of unspecified length. Our source? Emerson’s wife, Carrie Preston, who was fairly definite on the point at the Hawaiian International Film Festival.