True Blood Season 6 stars Rutger Hauer in a bad wig

First look at Rutger Hauer’s mysterious new character in HBO’s True Blood Season 6

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Rutger Hauer joins the cast of True Blood in Season 6, and the first pics (via ShockTilYouDrop) reveal him looking a little like Ian Holm’s Bilbo Baggins with shocking white hair and a three-piece suit.

He stars as Macklyn, a “mysterious and sinister” character that has “deep” ties to Sookie and Jason Stackhouse. Hauer himself has had plenty of experience with vampires, having appeared as Dracula in Dracula III: Legacy and Van Helsing in Dario Argento’s Dracula.

We wonder whether he will be playing the vampire Warlow, who Sookie and Jason will be searching for this season after learning that he murdered their parents. Now that Bill is a vampire god who hates humans, he’s unlikely to want to save Sookie’s ass this time around.

Maybe Eric will step up and they will rekindle some sexy shower feelings…

True Blood Season 6 will air on HBO this June.