Tron 3: “If they want me, I’m there,” says Bruce Boxleitner

Tron star Bruce Boxleitner confirms Tron 3 and teases the return of Tron and Alan Bradley

Garrett Hedlund as Sam Flynn in 2010′s Tron: Legacy

Tron 3 is not only happening – with star Garrett Hedlund back on the lightcycle and Eragon screenwriter Jesse Wigutow at the script – but has been on the cards for some time, series star Bruce Boxleitner exclusively told SciFiNow.

“At the San Diego Comic Con, the two writers made a formal announcement that it is in development – and it is, it has been for a long time,” Boxleitner said. “Disney has a big, full slate in there, and getting the entire creative team back together will, you know, that will determine when. It’s not an if; it’s a when.”

With Boxleitner playing the key characters of Tron and Alan Bradley – not just in the original 1982 movie and its recent sequel, but the critically acclaimed Tron: Uprising animated series – we ask if he expects to return for Tron 3.

“I do. I think Alan Bradley is a very important character, as well as Tron, certainly. With one you get the other. I’m very excited about its prospects.”

Bruce Boxleitner in the Tron: Uprising studio

Tron: Legacy made a solid $400 million for Disney at the box office, but its biggest success may have come in merchandise sales, where it was the number one shipped toy property of 2010. In other words, the geek crowd is keeping Tron healthy.

“They know there’s a good base out there,” Boxleitner continues. “It didn’t do Avatar numbers, but what does? At the end of the day, it’s all about the business and what kind of money things make, but Tron is a steady moneymaker for them. Who knows, anything could happen.”

Boxleitner was the first to declare Tron’s third picture, for which director Joseph Kosinski is expected to return after finishing sci-fi movie Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise.

“I got in trouble, because I was caught on YouTube saying ‘It’s a done deal!’ I remember talking to one of the executive producers later and I said, ‘Oh gosh, Justin [Springer], I mouthed off for some interview, and now they have me all over YouTube saying Tron: The Next Movie is a definite thing’. He said, ‘It’s OK, I was with the head of production and we were laughing watching this.’ He showed him, and he went, ‘I guess we’ll have to make this now because Tron said so.’ So I think that’s kind of funny. I think, optimistically, that yes, there will be [a sequel].”

We ask the actor if he’d reprise his dual roles on the big screen. “If they want me,” Boxleitner says, “I am there.”

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