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Howling at the moon with Changeling

Introducing a book series that will really raise your hackles…

ChangelingBloodWolfIntroducing Changeling,  a compelling, spine-chilling adventure series packed full of high-octane adventure and a cast of despicable demons.

Trey Laporte thought he was an ordinary teenager. Then he meets a mysterious stranger, Lucien Charron – luminously pale, oddly powerful, with eyes that seem flecked with fire and skin that blisters in sunlight. Somehow Trey finds himself in a luxury London penthouse, like a Bond villain’s lair. It’s the heart of a sinister empire, built on the powers of the netherworld – werewolves, vampires, sorcerers, djinns. Soon Trey is sent on a dangerous mission to Iceland where he must infiltrate the evil empire of the vampire Caliban. Trey’s abilities are tested to the max, challenged by a rage he cannot regulate and a dark angel with looks that kill. Lucien, Trey’s mentor and father to the beautiful Alexa, lies in a coma in London and Trey is his only hope for survival. But the Netherworld is intent on destruction and Trey’s about to face his nemesis…

The author of the Changeling books, Steve Feasey, began writing the series after he saw a documentary about the history of the adventure book. He had always loved the escapism that reading provided when he was younger and hoped to create a character that readers could really engage with. As Steve says: “The idea of a reluctant hero that was begrudgingly dragged into a world of demons, vampires and sorcery because he himself was a werewolf hit me and I had the image of Trey standing in front of Lucien in his werewolf form for the first time. I jumped up and immediately started to put some notes together for the book.”

Watch the series trailer at www.youtube.com/macmillanpublishers and read more about the series and author Steve Feasey at www.stevefeasey.com.