Transformers 5: new and returning characters revealed

Michael Bay has revealed a load of new Transformers 5 info

Despite being busy making fifth series instalment Transformers: The Last Knight, Michael Bay hasn’t been neglecting things on the social media front either, taking to Twitter and Instagram on a regular basis to post updates.

Over the last few days he has been even busier in this regard, posting new images of a number of characters – some returning, some new (for the films, at least).

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 18.06.21

First up is series regular Bumblebee, keeping up his record of being ever-present in the films so far.

You don't want to underestimate this little guy. #transformers

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A new Autobot (created especially for the films), he looks like he will fulfil the ‘cutesy comic relief’ role – he turns into a little blue scooter for crying out loud. Seen in other photos with new lead actress Isabela Moner, expect a lot of the marketing closer to the film to focus on him.

With Optimus to the end. #transformers

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Samurai Autobot Drift returns for the fifth outing, having debuted in Age Of Extinction – hopefully he will still be voiced by the always excellent Ken Watanabe.

Keep calm and hail Megatron. #transformers

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Seemingly making it his mission to appear in every film, Barricade first appeared in the 2007 original (where he received a sound battering courtesy of Bumblebee), and later also popped up to cause trouble in Dark Of The Moon.

Hot Rod: Tough, tenacious, and all tricked out. #transformers

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Also making his first Transformers Cinematic Universe appearance in The Last Knight, he is described as “Bumblebee’s brother-in-arms”. Expect some Autobot bromance.

He’s got your back, but you won’t hear the end of it. #transformers

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Initially a Decepticon in the original movie, it looks like Crosshairs has changed sides, this time taking up arms for the Autobots. Or is it all a ruse? You’ll have to wait and see to find out…

How would we describe Hound? Grenades, guns, and grit. #transformers

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“Boisterous” is certainly a fair way to describe Hound, who was brilliantly voiced by John Goodman in Age Of Extinction.

All he wants is everything. #transformers

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Yep, the big bad is back, having shaken off his Galvatron brainwashing, and looking just as humourless as ever. Boo, hiss.

Thus far, confirmed cast members include Mark Wahlberg, Isabela Moner, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Laura Haddock, Anthony Hopkins, Santiago Cabrera, Jerrod Carmichael and Allen Phoenix.

Transformers: The Last Knight will be released in cinemas on 23 June 2017. For more news about the biggest movies, pick up the new issue of SciFiNow.