Total Recall gets comic sequel

Dynamite comic-book picks up where the film left off

The world of 1990 Philip K Dick-inspired blockbuster Total Recall will be revisited in May by a new four-issue series from Dynamite Entertainment.

“Being given the opportunity to create a sequel to one of the coolest action films of the 1990s was too great pass up”, said the series’ writer, Vincent S Moore. “Resonating with one of the themes of the original movie, this is a dream come true and a great benefit for me. In order to fulfill my dream, I simply had to turn around and make the happy ending for Douglas Quaid on Mars into a new nightmare and show him to be the hero once again. It was easy and tons of fun. I threw everything I could think at Quaid, keeping with the flavor of the movie. I hope all of the readers enjoy the ride. My thanks to the folks at Dynamite for giving me this chance. And to all those fans of the original film, I hope you like what we came up with enough to give it a shot. Just remember: get your asses to Mars!”

If you can’t wait, you can order it here.