Top five time travellers

SciFiNow takes a look into both past and future as we unveil the top five time travelers the genre is yet to see.

marty1SciFiNow takes a look into both past and future as we unveil the top five time travellers the genre is yet to see.

Marty McFly
Using a rather swish DeLorean as his vehicle for time travel, Marty McFly achieved everyone’s childhood dream. First he rewrote the rock and roll rulebook when he skipped back to the Fifties, secondly he created hoverboard havoc in the future, and in a third and final adventure he travelled back to the Old West.

The Doctor
This Time Lord is the granddaddy of time travel. Leaping into alternating time periods and battling iconic foes such as the Daleks, his exploits have created quite the cult following. From first doc William Hartnell to upcoming new boy Matt Smith, it seems that the Doctor has plenty of quantum leaps left in him.

The Terminator
Arnie’s original cyborg killer was a nightmare from the future. With Sarah Connor in his sights, he created devastation in downtown LA. With the film culminating in a police station massacre, this deadly ’bot did manage to get a character reprieve when it came to a sequel.

Dr Sam Beckett
Sam Beckett did something unique with his time-travelling capabilities: he made a difference. Despite being lost in time and stuck in his own nomadic state, trips – or is that leaps? – to various time periods saw Scott Bakula’s kindly character making a difference to many lives.

Bill And Ted
These time-travelling dudes had some big dumb fun during their outings in time. Originally using time travel for the good of their big history project, Bill and Ted soon found it suited their party lifestyles down to a tee, bar a near death experience with Death himself, that is.