Top five: horror remakes

We chart five of the best horror remakes.

phjndjoshodvmoRob Zombie is poised to helm a remake of The Blob, according to Variety. In the director’s typical fashion, his version will be a more gruesome retread, or as he described: “A totally different take, one that’s pretty dark.” We will reserve are judgment for now.

Although this news won’t please the traditionalists, Zombie is but one of many directors dipping into older horror properties in search of box-office gold. Like it or lump it, remakes are more en vogue then ever before.

So in good listing fashion, we present the top five horror remakes that deserve your attention.

The Ring
Gore Verbinski’s spooky remake retained the chilling atmosphere of Hideo Nakata’s original, as well as introducing fresh elements. From horses going ape sh*t to boggle-eyed creepy kids, this version still has the power to scare. The TV crawl is given a neat twist too.

Despite oozing originality from every frame, Ridley Scott’s space horror was, in fact, based on 1951’s The Thing From Another World. Although screenwriter Dan O’Bannon claims he drew inspiration from numerous sources, it’s this claustrophobic fright-fest that is closest to comparison.

The Fly
David Cronenberg’s grim body horror was vastly different from its predecessor. Using Jeff Goldblum as his conduit to repulse audiences, Cronenberg was expert in detailing the nasty processes involved in one man’s molecular mix up with a fly. Not for the faint-hearted.

The Thing
John Carpenter plunged his hand into a Fifties classic and pulled out something very different. Using the Cold War as his thematic backdrop, Carpenter’s Antarctic-based horror pitted a group of scientists against a symbiotic life form. Scary, paranoid and not recommended for the animal lovers out there.

I Am Legend
Although this Will Smith feature didn’t have the toughest originators to beat (The Last Man On Earth and The Omega Man), it still remains the freshest version of Richard Matheson’s text. As well as making innumerable amounts of girls cry over a certain pooch, the film boasted jump frights and action in equal measure.

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