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Ti West’s The Sacrament is a “crazy suicide scenario”

Eli Roth talks about Ti West’s “really fucking scary” horror movie The Sacrament

The first enigmatic image from Ti West's The Sacrament
The first enigmatic image from Ti West’s The Sacrament

Speaking to gore auteur Eli Roth for a future issue of the world’s bestest sci-fi, fantasy and horror magazine, the man behind Hostel and Cabin Fever revealed exclusively to SciFiNow a little about the horror movie he’s producing for rising director Ti West (The Innkeepers, House Of The Devil).

So far The Sacrament is shrouded in so much secrecy that little is known beyond a one-paragraph synopsis and a cast list that includes the similarly hyped Amy Seimetz (A Horrible Way To Die, Upstream Color) and AJ Bowden (The House Of The Devil, You’re Next).

“It is going to be really scary,” enthuses Roth. “A few weeks ago I saw about two thirds of the final cut. Ti also wrote it and he had this great idea about this journalist who investigates this mysterious cult.

“Basically, he gets a letter from his sister, who has had drug problems, and she has hooked up with this cult. So he goes to see her, but with a camera crew, and at first they are all, ‘What the fuck is this all about?’

Eli Roth and the red stuff
Eli Roth and the red stuff


“But they discover this whole community of people living very happily together. There seems to be nothing wrong and everything is cool and fine. It is run by this very charismatic and charming guy called The Father and it all seems like a pretty decent way of life.

“But then one night this little girl comes up to the reporters and says ‘please take me with you’ and they are all ‘what the fuck is actually going on here?’ Then other people start saying ‘you have to get the fuck out of here’ and it all starts to unravel from there…”

It sounds a lot like the Jonestown Massacre…

“Yeah it is just like that,” he agrees. “It becomes this crazy Jonestown suicide scenario and it all starts unravelling. It is really, really fucking scary. It is going to be an awesome horror movie.”

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