Thor is a woman: Marvel superheroes react to the news

Thor is a woman and everyone is shocked, this is the worst thing to ever happen to comics

The new-look female Thor, coming to Marvel in October 2014
The new-look female Thor, coming to Marvel in October 2014

In light of the recent news from Marvel that in a new series this October from writer Jason Aaron and artist Russell Dauterman Thor will no longer be a man we took to the streets of the Marvel universe for reactions to this shocking new development.

Woman Thor Thorunn

“Wow! Thor… a woman!?” said Torunn, when SciFiNow tracked her down for a comment. “I can’t imagine what that would be like.”

Woman Thor Jane FosterLong-term love interest Jane Foster also broke the silence to give a rare insight into the thunder god she knows so well, adding “I never would have expected to see a woman with the power of Thor. It just blows my mind to think of this most masculine of heroes suddenly subverted for narrative purposes.”

Woman Thor Thor Girl “It’s totally unprecedented,” added Thor Girl, helpfully explaining what unprecedented means for the benefit of Volstagg. “Literally nothing like this has ever happened before.”

Woman Thor Black Widow


Reactions also poured in from across the Multiverse, with the Thor of Earth-23223 near speechless at the news. She simply called down the lightning and vanished into the sky.

Woman Thor RogueSpeaking on behalf of the X-Men, Rogue added “It’s not mah place ta speak fo’ the good folks of Asgard, but ah can only imagine what it’s like ta wield the power of the thunder god an how momentous a decision this is for the whole family of Odin.”

Woman Thor Storm

“Yes,” agreed her team-mate Storm, “whilst I have been called goddess in my time, I cannot truly understand what it must be like to be Thor.”

Woman Thor Loki

Initially refusing our request for an interview, Thor’s brother and occasional nemesis Loki finally blurted out “Honestly, this is just a ridiculous publicity stunt. You’d have to have never read a single comic before to think this was big news.” He then hung up.