Thor, Source Code and Sucker Punch most pirated films of 2011

Sci-fi ranks highly in the Top 10 most pirated films of 2011, including Thor, Source Code, Sucker Punch and Harry Potter

Sucker Punch most downloaded film

Sucker Punch most downloaded filmIt’s a dubious honour, but Thor is officially the most downloaded sci-fi film of 2011 – coming in third in the list of Top 10 movies after Fast Five and The Hangover II with a staggering 8,330,000 downloads via torrent site Bitorrent.

Also in the list are Source Code (7,910,000 downloads), I Am Number Four (7,670,000), Sucker Punch (7,200,000) and Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (6,030,000) with the box office takings generally decreasing with the downloads suggesting that they’re roughly equal, the only exception being Deathly Hallows which although coming in at number 10, has double the box office takings of 1 at $1,328,111,219 to $626,137,675.

Perhaps what we can extrapolate from that is people are more likely to pay for emotionally involving and narrative-led events, films that are made for cinema play best in the cinema. What do you reckon?