Thor 2’s love interest could be Sif, says Jamie Alexander

Thor 2 actress Jamie Alexander on a possible romance with Chris Hemsworth and working with Game Of Thrones director Alan Taylor

Thor 2 Sif

Thor 2 SifSif, Thor‘s goddess of war and comic-book lover of the thunder god played by Chris Hemsworth, will be returning in 20xx’s Thor 2, according to actress Jamie Alexander.

“I’m a comic book nerd at heart, so I’d like to see the relationship between Thor and Sif progress,” said Alexander to MTV. “Whether or not they do that, we’re not sure yet. We’ll see. I think that element will be in there, but I don’t know how much.”

Reacting to the news that Game Of Thrones director Alan Taylor has signed on for the movie, she added, “I’m very excited. I’m excited to see what he brings. [Game Of Thrones] is great. The style and the lighting and the tone of it, everything about it is so unlike anything you see on TV these days.  He’s got a great history of directing comedic bits and action bits, and that’s something our movie definitely has.”

Thor 2 is expected 15 November 2013.