Thor 2 adds Game Of Thrones and Batman stars to cast

Joe Chill and Brynden Tully cast in Thor: The Dark World, in cinemas from 8 November 2013.

Clive Russell Game Of Thrones

Clive Russell Game Of Thrones
Clive Russell introducing his Game Of Thrones Season 3 character at San Diego Comic Con

Filming for Thor: The Dark World, under the aegis of Game Of Thrones director/producer Alan Taylor, is well underway – as I’m sure you’ll know from all the shoddy paparazzi pictures every other sci-fi website seems to be hosting – but casting news is still coming through.

Veteran British actor Clive Russell, who was most recently announced as Brynden Tully, the uncle of Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley) in Game Of Thrones Season 3, has joined the cast as Týr, the one-handed god of war, while Richard Brake, who played Wayne killer Joe Chill in Batman Begins, has been cast as the captain of the Einherjar, the warriors who brought to the afterlife, Valhalla, by the Valkyries.

It’s definitely looking like Thor: The Dark World is more classical mythology than Kirby-esque cosmic reinvention.