This summer the best ever for box office take

2009 beats 2007’s record.

transformers_2_shia_labeoufSuspicions that the global recession would drive audiences away from the cinemas this summer have been proven unfounded, as US box office totals have set a new record for the amount taken, edging out the previous holder in 2007.

Audiences this summer contributed $4.7 billion to the studio coffers, just beating out 2007’s $4.6 billion. Once again, science fiction and its allied genres have been the largest earners, with eight out of the ten highest earning releases including films such as Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince and Star Trek. The Variety article used as the source for this states that G.I. Joe is likely to edge Angels And Demons out of the top ten as well, making science fiction the most dominant genre in cinema, in terms of box office receipts, for this year once again.

Although this year hasn’t been the greatest success in a critical sense, cinemagoers are still proving that despite the rise in file-sharing and other forms of film piracy, theatrical releases are still a lucrative business.